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Atkins on Toast

July 11, 2012

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Finally we have a decent study that proves not all calories are created equal. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, examined how three popular diets affect metabolism and weight loss. Specifically it put the standard low-fat, high carb diet so beloved by cardiac surgeons, against an Atkins’- like high fat, […]

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Gluten: The Trendy Allergin

May 30, 2012


Going gluten-free has become somewhat of a popular trend lately; these days just about every health-conscious person seems to coincidentally have an “allergy” or “sensitivity” to it. Don’t get me wrong, gluten allergies and sensitivities DO exist, but it’s starting to seem to me like a lot of people want an excuse to give up […]

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Accu Weight-Loss

May 10, 2012


I spent a good chunk of last weekend promoting acupuncture at Emerson Hospital’s health fair. It mainly involved checking a lot of pulses, looking at a bunch of tongues and putting teeny stainless-steel balls on pressure points in the ears of complete strangers. Such is the life of an acupuncturist. Anyway, one such stranger told […]

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On Food and Pyramids

April 25, 2012


Here’s another acupuncture myth- we’re all health nuts. To some extent, that’s true, although I’ve known many an acupuncture student who lived off of pizza and beer. When it comes to health, from a Chinese medicine perspective, it isn’t necessarily your everyday salad+athletica nervosa affair. It calls for moderation, including all these so-called health habits. […]

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